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Teishin Institute

Needleless Acupuncture

Teishin Institute

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The Teishin Institute trains practitioners
in "needleless acupuncture" —
locating and manipulating the
essential acupoints.

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The Teishin Institute offers courses and workshops in a variety of healing arts. Combining ancient wisdom with modern understanding, the Teishin Institute makes the cutting edge of wellness techniques available to you.

Come join us at picturesque Lake Atitlan in the highlands of Guatemala or let us arrange a workshop in your area.

Teishin is an ancient art of healing using a small instrument made of gold, silver and jade, or other precious materials.

Shamanic healers in ancient China used stone probes, similar to the modern teishin tool, to develop the points and meridians of acupuncture several thousand years before the invention of needles.

The puncturing of acupoints became more fashionable during the 1600's with the advent of steel needles.

Treatments are designed to heal and protect the "Three Treasures":

  • Qi – nourishing, defensive and organ energies
  • Jing – fluid secretions
  • Shen – energies of intelligence and awareness

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Needleless Acupuncture
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