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Needleless Acupuncture


I Ching

Spiral of Change

While time is changing, one may ask,

"Are we the actor, or the task?"

Winding destiny's spring,

with our ceaseless acts.

Jade Li

Topics covered:

  • Coin and Stalk methods of divination
  • Hidden cycles of change
  • Relevance to daily life
  • Relevance to practice of Chinese Medicine

This course outlines the fundamental cognitive differences between Eastern and Western approaches to health and illness showing how these distinct approaches may be reconciled and integrated.

The intent is to highlight for practitioners of TCM how their chosen profession places them in a unique position to aid in promoting collaboration of these two dominant medical modalities.

As the fundamental text of Chinese thought, philosophy, art and science, the I Ching is an essential text for students of TCM.


  • Understand the cultural cognitive differences between Eastern and Western medicine
  • Gain competence in using the I Ching
    • Mechanics of divination
    • How to ask questions
    • How to interpret answers
  • Understand the relevance to TCM methodology and pattern discrimination

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Needleless Acupuncture