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Learn the empowering principles and metaphors that make qigong so useful to and workout regimen.

Topics covered:


Qigong Courses

Qigong is the art of managing and rejuvenating the vital energy of the body using ancient techniques developed in accord with the principles of Chinese medicine.

The goals of practice are:

  • Flexibility, balance, strength, awareness
  • Optimal health
  • Strengthening sense organs
  • Supplementing and balancing internal organs
  • Boosting immune function
  • Promoting digestion and elimination

Qigong for Common Patterns in Chronic Disease

Duration: 12 hours


Since several TCM patterns routinely appear in the vast majority of chronic diseases, TCM exercise science may be applied to further ameliorate situations of chronic disease by reinforcing other therapeutic interventions. Students will learn the main presenting patterns in chronic disease as well as a variety of specific exercises to balance and manage patterns related to chronic disease. Emphasis will be on:

  1. correct technique and structural and postural integrity
  2. clear understanding of the organs most affected
  3. useful metaphors and explanations to improve and ensure patient understanding and compliance.

Goals: upon completion, students will be expected to:

  • Understand and explain in their own words, the most commonly presenting core-patterns in chronic disease and the disease mechanisms that give rise to these complicated scenarios
  • Demonstrate correct technique in a given curriculum of exercises and movements designed to alleviate specific patterns of imbalance
  • Provide clear explanation to a lay person as to how such exercises will aid their clinical treatment

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Needleless Acupuncture